Its more than finding leads…giving back to the community is key

November 16, 2023

Received this beautiful letter from Brock University yesterday for National Philanthropy Day.
It’s not always chasing that next lead or where will I find my next client. It’s sharing and caring for those around you.
I’m an alumni of Brock, and the resources these kids have now that Brock provides is outstanding. I wish I had access to this when I was graduating and that is why I want to give back. It’s not cheap for these resources to be provided so love giving back, and also some knowledge I gained in the trenches.
I met some amazing kids in that session and I love seeing the eargerness and desire in their eyes.

Dear Donna,

Today, on National Philanthropy Day, we celebrate you, and extend our appreciation for your support of Brock University.

This is a day to recognize the difference you make in the lives of our students through scholarship support and the innovative programming you enable us to develop.

The generosity of our Brock community directly impacts our students, our research and our community partnerships.

You are vital to providing our students with an outstanding student experience and contributing to their career success where they in turn, go on to enhance their communities around the globe.

Thanks to you, we are evolving to meet their needs while we engage and contribute to the economy of our local region, and far beyond it. Your generosity and impact are essential and immensely appreciated every day. 

 With gratitude,

Amelia CantoExecutive Director, Development & Donor Relations